Timothy Mtambo in Rumphi drumming up support for Tonse alliance

By Chalo Mvula

The Commander-in-Chief of Citizens for Transformation (CFT)- People Power Movement, Timothy Mtambo, has continued his whistle stops in Northern Malawi, and he was in Rumphi district on Friday .  Mtambo has received a warm welcome from the locals as he continues to attempt to hit home with his message that  he claims  is geared  to rescue Malawi from the accidental and despotic regime of DPP and Mutharika.

Mtambo’s Friday whistle stops saw him address locals at Livingstonia and Muhuju in Rumphi. The commander in chief also visited Rumphi North constituency, home of DPP Minister of health Jappie Mhango. He was joined by MCP Publicity Secretary Rev Maurice Munthali and other Tonse alliance officials for a rally. Mtambo who has endorsed the Tonse alliance called upon Malawians to rally behind the “capable and visionary leadership” of torch bearers, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his running mate, Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima ahead of the fresh presidential polls.

Comrade Mtambo and Rev Maurice Munthali

Mtambo did not waste time but hit on the DPP government on what he described as failure to develop not only the northern region but Malawi as whole. He said it was sad most of the developments in the country were left by Kamuzu and there has been no significant development since. “ Malawians  we should not forget  that  foundations  of real development in the country were left by Kamuzu, good roads,  good schools and many infrastructure development” He went further to accuse the DPP government of lowering the standards of education in the country citing that back in Kamuzu era , standard 8 pupils were able to write and speak  good English unlike nowadays.

Mtambo also urged the people of Rumphi not to fall for politicians who are aimed at dividing them along regional, religion or political lines. He reminded the gathering that problems that are affecting Malawi are problems for everyone, people are struggling with hunger, the youths are struggling to find jobs and there is ever increasing levels of corruption  which is common to every Malawians “Malawi problems doesn’t see whether you are Tumbuka, Yao . Chewa , our problems are the same” echoed the highly charged Mtambo amid claps and ululation from the keen public who seemed to gallop each and every word coming from  the so called Son of the Soil.

Speaking  to the people in Jappie Mhango’s Constituency Mtambo said as someone who has suffered under DPP regime , he is in a good position to describe Mutharika  as undemocratic, someone who does not respect Malawians ,  does not respect the courts , does not respect the women  and not deserving to be voted in power again

His remarks were supported by Rev Maurice Munthali who urged the people of  the North to show DPP a red card  and vote for Tonse alliance in large numbers. Munthali said Malawi has a choice of a visionary leader in Dr Chakwera and a results oriented leader in Dr Saulos Chilima, a perfect team to take Malawi towards a real  developmental path.