Tonse Alliance did not benefit from Sattar but previous regimes- Justice Minister Mvalo claims

By Staff Reporter

As the country still waits to get more details about the Corruption Suspect Zuneth Sattar dealings, the Minister of Justice, Titus Mvalo has today said no member of the Tonse Alliance benefitted from contracts that Zuneth Sattar had with the government.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lilongwe today, Mvalo who was franked by Minister of Information Gospel Kazako, said Sattar has never had a contract with the current government.

Mvalo and Kazako

ACB is still investigating the case involving British citizen Zuneth Sattar, who is suspected to have fraudulently obtained billions of money through dubious deals with various government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

“We wanted to clear this misconception that the Tonse Alliance is the most corrupt government. This is not true. This government is bent on fighting corruption. That’s the reason we increased funding to Anti-Corruption Bureau when we took over.

” If we are to talk about the Zuneth Sattar corruption case, no Tonse Alliance government member benefitted from the contracts Mr Sattar had with the Malawi government since all the deals were signed during the previous government. What the Tonse government did when it came into power was to terminate those contracts,” he said.

Zuneth Sattar