Tonse Alliance promises an inclusive Malawi government

Tonse Alliance, which comprises nine political parties led by the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM party, has reiterated its commitment to deliver an all-inclusive government to Malawians replete with intelligence, skills and expertise to deliver what it promised during the campaign.

MCP Publicity Secretary Reverend Maurice Munthali and his UTM counterpart, Dr. Joseph Chidanti Malunga, assured that their government will bring development to every corner of the country without regard to tribe, gender, religion, race, ability or nay other demographic distinction.

Munthali and Malunga are making these assurances in a statement they have issued a short while ago in reaction to the outcome of the fresh presidential election, which was held on Tuesday, June 23 2020.

MCP publicity secretary Rev Maurice Munthali

“With all votes from yesterday’s presidential election tallied, it is now clear that Malawians have resoundingly given Tonse Alliance the mandate to govern this country for the next five years, at least. Over a year after being robbed of the victory that they deserved in the May 2019 Tripartite Elections, Malawians have, at least, reclaimed their destiny in a poll that was ordered by the country’s courts, following the dogged resolve of Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima to fight for electoral justice,” part of the statement reads.

Munthali and Malunga, who assure that the Tonse Alliance will not vent retribution on those who did not vote for them, admit that the Tuesday’s election was more than a mere competition as it was also a fight between contrasting values.

Munthali and Malunga emphasize that by voting for the Tonse Alliance, Malawians had chosen to get rid of a status quo of unguarded lawlessness, social and economic stagnation, corruption and tribalism that characterized the Peter Mutharika’s administration.

“Malawians have chosen for themselves a future characterized by visionary leadership, economic prosperity and national unity. The results show that they have chosen the hope and progress that Tonse Alliance represents. They sent out the same message last year, but forces of darkness conspired to stifle this voice with the support of a complicit Electoral Commission,” it adds.

Munthali and Malunga further state that their triumph in the just-ended poll heralds a new Malawi that is for all and ‘we will waste no time in starting to deliver on all our promises’.

They urge Malawians to spare a ward of gratitude to the lawyers and Chakwera and Chilima who sought justice from the courts.

“We cannot forget the role of the civil society, most of the media and the Malawi Defence Force in standing together with Malawians, not only in the fight for electoral justice, but also in the preparations and overall conduct of the fresh presidential election. At the same time, we would like to congratulate Dr. Chifundo Kachale and his fellow commissioners for pulling off a free, fair and credible election against all odds in record time. This is another successful story that reinforces our belief that despite our current problems, there is a lot of goodwill that we can build upon in taking this country forward,” Malunga and Munthali say.