Tonse Alliance! you are on camera

By Cosmas Steve Mvula

HD Plus is not the company; nor is it the modern drone. It’s the human eye. Just as the old say that all talk and no action signals imbecility to the nth degree you, Tonse Alliance, have all the time and space to dance to your own ready-made beat; your promises.

The contentious 23rd June 2020 elections’ results was but a passport to high office whilst announcing the elapse of lip-service of the politicos on one end and an end of ears-pricking the citizenry were obliged to in those grand rallies and all media platforms on the other end. Much as we, the citizenry, aren’t adept at dancing we cherish our blessings of our eyes to see and our minds to judge. And we will guard our blessings for they are our valuable assets.

Our eyes await actions of a government that promised a lot (or was it enough) to the citizens. Lest you forget, your agenda to winning the elections wobbled from poverty eradication to social development which convinced the fifty eight percent of Malawians to vote for Tonse Alliance.
As the citizenry we’re raring to see an end to all politically connected outstanding cases you promised us to push to the very end once voted to power. This is time to attrite the bad actions of the past- the DPP- regime which played hide and seek to uphold the rule of law.

Not forgotten on those cases is that of our brother the late Robert Chasowa (may his soul rest in eternal peace). You promised us to see an end to this case and we’re waiting keenly on how this burning issue will cease fire and how the president will keep no sacred cows hiding in the alliance. We assume this case is as simple as ABC to close as you implicitly communicated.
Before our eyes too is the popular universal subsidy (“universal” as per its meaning and not the diluted version you want to surprise us with) which we expect to be operational beginning 2020/2021 growing season. The majority votes you wooed considering that many Malawians depend on agriculture need a special promised treatment..

Our minds still have a grip on the importance of Access to information Law. Tonse alliance! Through your parties you did all you did to push the past regime on enacting the aforesaid law and we as well expect you to find it easier to operationalize what you pushed for.
As this is the government of people, by people and for people we aren’t blind on the observations made by the current president and his vice that the president’s powers crave a reduction. And not only that, the description of the vice president’s duties is also on top of the list of the deliverables unlike being a derogatory position as it has always been. We chiefly believe that this development will enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the highest offices of the land.

Tonse Alliance! We’re as well waiting to see the promised relief to the needy and disadvantaged university students. You promised to provide the needy and disadvantaged students with laptops each to ease their studies. We thank you in advance for the initiative which will enhance human capital development without delay at the expense of future Malawi

Our memories are still fresh on bringing an end to fraud and corruption. On the other hand, as you have already stared taking steps to bring to book those suspected to have stolen taxpayers money we ask you to continue at the same pace to closing those cases whilst at the same time staying awake to the control measures you have put in place.

Tonse Alliance! We’re also waiting for the incentives to the Financial Service Providers so that needs and wants of young entrepreneurs are identified before the design of specifics products. This initiative will complement the MEDF loans and eventually the creation of the promised one million jobs will cease being a dream but a reality.
Of course your in-tray is already full as per your promises but much as we identify ourselves with that fact we expect you to act with full knowledge that five years isn’t anyhow far. We will judge you as per your actions.