UTM Karonga Candidate shuns primaries- accuses party of favouring Mwenefumbo

By Durell Namasani

One of the contenders to represent UTM in the Karonga Central by election Mary Florence Nthakomwa has announced that she will not take part in the primaries that are scheduled for Saturday . She was a high profile contender against former MP Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo, who recently joined the party and is vying to represent it as its candidate.

Nthakomwa who stood for UTM in the 2019 elections has released a statement where among other things she accuses the party hierarchy of accepting Mwenefumbo as the default Candidate

According to her statement Nthakomwa says Being a supporter of UTM and a believer of SKC’s ideologies, it is against her conscious to take part in the proposed primaries for the following reasons:

Mary Florence Nthakomwa
  1. From the moment it was known there will be primaries in Karonga Central, the party leadership saw it necessary to shun me in so many possible ways disregarding the fact that I was the sower of Utm in that constituency and the only candidate in 2019.
  2. I have believed that Utm is a very Democratic Party that has a listening ear no matter the level of the voice. However, it pains me to see that the democracy that our leader would like to sow amongst its followers is being destroyed by a few who are in leadership positions and believe they “own” the party. Being in a position is but just a name: it’s the grassroots that matters. Every being is equally important regardless of status in the community.
  3. Having been part of the system that worked hard to plant structures in Karonga Central for UTM, it pains to see that these very same structures that put the party on the map have been disregarded and labeled as “Florence’s structures “. What you are forgetting is you aren’t destroying Florence but the party and it’s leadership.
  4. I gave you my reasons for not partaking in the primaries: if I’m to win, let me win honorably and it should be likewise if I’m to lose. You are aware of the dents you and your team put by promoting one candidate before campaign started. The least you could have done is see sense in what I’m saying on the “fake” created areas for the primaries and go for a voting manner that would rule out any bias ness and that is voters queuing behind the candidate of their choice. Instead you have told me to accept the proposed method with fake areas and names and accept defeat. I’m not afraid of defeat but I’m for a free and fair method.
  5. Just to seal that you are satisfied with my opponent, you never bothered to respond to my queries that I sent you before the deadline if 4PM on Wednesday. I had to ask you today if you were responding.
  6. I have many a times requested you not to accept Mwenilondo as the venue for primaries with stated reasons. That hit a deaf ear. Being a woman and mother that I am, I wouldn’t want to be part of a legacy that involves violence.
  7. Having not signed for the given areas is an indication that I never accepted them meaning I never accepted holding primaries using 3 from each presented area.

With due respect, RG, I choose to humbly bow out of the Utm primaries that were scheduled for tomorrow, 12th September 2020.

UTM officials have not yet commented on Nthakomwas decision.