UTM’s Mixed Signals: Party’s Leadership Divided Over Michael Usi’s Appointment as Vice President

By Twink Jones Gadama

The United Transformation Movement (UTM) has found itself in a peculiar situation, with its leadership issuing contradictory statements regarding the appointment of Michael Usi as Vice President to President Lazarus Chakwera.

While the party’s Secretary General, Patricia Kaliyati, has expressed happiness with the development, the party’s Spokesperson, Njawala, has stated that the party cannot comment on the matter as they are still mourning the death of their leader, Saulos Klaus Chilima.

The conflicting statements have raised eyebrows, with many wondering what could be behind the party’s mixed signals.

Political analysts have weighed in on the matter, suggesting that the party’s leadership may be torn between supporting the appointment and staying true to their late leader’s legacy.

Patricia Kaliyati’s statement, released on behalf of the party, congratulated President Chakwera on his decision to appoint Michael Usi as Vice President.


She praised Usi’s credentials, stating that he is a capable leader who will bring value to the position.

However, just hours later, Njawala released a statement saying that the party is still in mourning and cannot comment on the appointment.

The contradictory statements have sparked debate within the party, with some members supporting Kaliyati’s stance while others align with Felix Njawala’s position.

Political analysts have pointed out that the party’s leadership may be struggling to come to terms with the loss of their leader, Saulos Klaus Chilima, who passed away recently.

Chilima was a key figure in the UTM, and his death has left a void in the party’s leadership.

His supporters are still grieving, and the party’s leadership may be hesitant to make any moves that could be seen as disloyal to his memory.

However, with the appointment of Michael Usi as Vice President, the party is faced with a decision that could impact its future.

Michael Usi’s appointment has been seen as a strategic move by President Chakwera to bolster his administration’s chances in the next elections. Usi is a popular figure in Malawi, known for his charisma and leadership skills.

His appointment has been welcomed by many, who see him as a breath of fresh air in the country’s political landscape.

However, the UTM’s hesitation to fully endorse Usi’s appointment may be a sign of deeper divisions within the party.

Some members may be loyal to Chilima’s legacy and hesitant to support anyone seen as a rival to their late leader.

Others may be more pragmatic, recognizing the need for the party to move forward and adapt to changing circumstances.

As the UTM navigates this difficult period, its leadership must find a way to reconcile their differences and present a united front.

The party’s future depends on its ability to adapt to changing circumstances and make strategic decisions that will benefit its members and the country at large.

In conclusion, the UTM’s mixed signals over Michael Usi’s appointment as Vice President reflect the party’s internal struggles and divisions.

As the party mourns the loss of its leader, it must also find a way to move forward and embrace change. The future of the UTM and the country depends on it.