Wellness Centre in Back Pain awareness week

By Linda Kwanjana

Beatitude Naturopathy and Wellness Centre has organized a week-long Backpain awareness and alignment where people with persistent back pain will be treated using naturopathic methods.

The Centre’s Director Francis Malunga said in an interview yesterday that during the awareness week, which starts from 30 October to 5 November 2023, the wellness centre will give free lectures to people who have back pain issues apart from treating them.

“We will have a back alignment procedure for those with back pain using naturopathic methods. They will only need to pay a consultation fee of K20,000 otherwise we will not be charging for the actual treatment of back pain,” said Malunga.

Francis Malunga

Malunga distinguished naturopathy and wellness from hospital care citing the former provides respect for the healing processes of nature while empowering the individual to take responsibility for their own health process.

Beatitude Naturopathy and Wellness Centre recently relocated from Balaka to Manase, Blantyre to serve more people who were looking for naturopathic treatment.