Women’s Rights Activists Unite In Support of Esther Jolobala’s Demand For Uladi Mussa’s Remarks Apology

By Twink Jones Gadama

Member of Parliament for Machinga East, Esther Jolobala has strongly criticized Uladi Mussa for his derogatory remarks targeting women while joining the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP).
. Jolobala has called on Mussa to retract his words and apologize for his irresponsible behavior.

During Mussa’s induction into the MCP, he told the gathering that “I was suspended for nine months and I wouldnt be waiting for nine months as am pregnant, waiting for the baby.”
Hid derogatory comments likening his defection to the party to being pregnant and waiting for the baby compelled Jolobala to react.

Esther Jolobala

Jolobala, along with numerous women and gender rights activists, viewed these remarks as highly insulting and demeaning to women.

Jolobala, who firmly believes in promoting gender equality and women’s rights, stated that Mussa’s comparison was disrespectful and unacceptable. She emphasized that women’s experiences during pregnancy are not comparable to political situations and should never be used in such a context. Jolobala called on Mussa to acknowledge the inappropriateness of his comments and offer a sincere apology to all the women who were offended.

However, when approached for comments on the matter, Mussa refused to respond, leaving the public in uncertainty regarding his stance on the issue. Jolobala, though disappointed by Mussa’s silence, assured that appropriate action would be taken if he fails to rectify his mistake.

While the course of action remains undisclosed for now, Jolobala affirmed that the necessary steps would be announced in due time. She firmly believes that it is crucial to address such instances of misogyny and disrespectful behavior, particularly in the political realm, where leaders should set an example for the nation.

Jolobala further asserted that politics and actual phenomena should not be interlinked, emphasizing the need for politicians to be conscious of their language and its impact on the public. As representatives of the people, elected officials must demonstrate respect, equality, and sensitivity in their words and actions.

The incident involving Auladi Mussa’s remarks has sparked a debate on gender equality within the political landscape of Malawi. Women’s rights activists and concerned citizens have voiced their support for Jolobala’s call for an apology and expectation for appropriate consequences if Mussa fails to comply.

The incident serves as a reminder that derogatory remarks, particularly those that perpetuate harmful stereotypes, have no place in today’s society. As the nation progresses towards a more inclusive and egalitarian future, it is essential for leaders to lead by example and ensure that their words foster respect and unity, rather than division and discrimination.

Ultimately, the demand for Auladi Mussa’s apology underscores the importance of holding elected officials accountable for their words and actions, ensuring that they uphold the principles of equality and dignity for all citizens, regardless of gender.