Yo Maps’ Wife News Goes Viral On Social Media With Lusaka Tailor

By Burnett Munthali

A Lusaka based tailor Harris Nation has come to debris with a Lusaka Married Woman, Kiddist Kiffle.

The Lusaka Lilayi based housewife Kiddist Kiffle Mulenga (Yo Maps) took a weekend to cool off with her friends including Lusaka tailor Harris Nation as her husband was performing in Malawi.

While husband Elton Mulenga best known as Yo-Maps was outside Zambia abroad in Lilongwe Malawi, wife Kiddist together with her friends found a great opportunity to catch have fun, videos have circulated that show Mrs Yo Maps Mulenga having chest to chest kind of drinking with a Lusaka tailor who left his sewing machine and measuring tapes and started measuring how far married women could drink alcohol.

Mrs Yo Maps

The videos have left many fans with question marks, wondering if Mrs Kiffle needs past papers on how to behave in public as a married woman, or rather maybe the couple is in an open relationship where anyone can do anything to married women like common prostitutes.

Meanwhile other fans have said there is nothing wrong and they should allow Mrs Yo Maps Mulenga to enjoy her youth and people should just mind their own business.

Mrs Yo Maps is yet to issue a statement or report, but many anticipate she will go live most likely in her Mercedes Benz, she is very well known for Casually using Insults like sugar in her tea, words like “Banoko Zambia OnlineĀ  Newspaper ” meaning your mothers private organs are like Zambia Online Newspaper.

Experts always suggest that the underlying reason why women cheat in relationships is usually related to emotional dissatisfaction, and this may occur as a result of the interaction of many complex factors. A combination of psychological and social factors can lead women to have difficulty establishing a satisfying bond in their relationships.

Tailor Harrison Nation
Mrs Yo Maps at a drinking spree with Harrison Nation