Admarc CEO Jumbe and other seniors suspended

By Wadza Botomani

Agriculture Development and Marketing Cooperation (ADMARC) has suspended its top management. Felix Jumbe the acting Chief Executive Officer, Director of Finance Harold Mwala and Director of Operations Garnet Gwembere are the casualties.

The three have since been replaced by Dhlelisile Malanda Phiri, Gerald Ganizani and Michael Mnenula respectively, according to a letter signed by the company’s board chairperson Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi.

Felix Jumbe- Suspended

Jumbe was first appointed by the DPP as chairman before he became CEO of the politically- sensitive limited company whose main mandate is to buy produce from villagers and later sell it during lean times to Malawians

The chairperson of the Admarc board Kusamba Dzonzi did not disclose the reasons behind the suspension . However it is strongly rumoured that this follows President Chakwera recent directive that boards need to take proactive action in helping cleaning the rubble left by the previous DPP regime.