Mwenifumbo floored as Mwalwanda triumphs

By Durell Namasani

The battle for Karonga central constituency famously called Bengazi has left Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo bruised and crashing to the floor as his main rival Leonard Mwalwanda carried the day to become the new member of parliament of the area

In the highly contested by elections Mwenefumbo who stood on UTM ticket finsihed with 6173 votes , short of MCP candidate Mwalwandas 6703 votes . The result means Mwenifumbo has suffered defeat twice in his attempt to reclaim the seat which he in the past represented in parliament as its legislator. Karonga Central became vacant after the death of Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda , who died earlier this year of Covid19

Mtambo played key role in Mwalwanda campaign

As social media was awash with celebrations from MCP supporters, it was evident that the race was tight and it could go both ways. The tension among MCP supporters was the fact that in the previous elections , the winner, the late Mwalwanda only defeated Mwenefumbo with a handful of votes. Some political commentaors however have picked out Timothy Mtambo, commander in Chief of CFT Movement as the catalyst that brought the difference to Mwalwanda campaign. Mtambo and his movement endorsed the MCP candidate and relentlessly campaigned for him .

It is not known as to what the future of Mwenefumbo will be politically. With a history of switching political parties , some fear his stay in UTM might be shortlived as he will be looking for other political opportunites somewhere.