AFORD Vice President Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo affirms commitment to Malawi’s transformation

By Burnett Munthali

In a touching address, Vice President of the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo, has reassured Malawians of an unwavering commitment to continue the agenda of transformation initiated by the late Saulosi Klaus Chilima. Speaking passionately during a Candlelight memorial service held at Nthungwa in the Chikangawa forest on Malawi’s Independence Day, Mtambo conveyed a resolute message of hope and perseverance.

Mtambo emphatically stated, “Whether one likes it or not, a better Malawi is coming in 2025. No one should intimidate us; we must not allow anyone to threaten us. Malawi is our heritage, and developing it is our generation’s mandate.”

Mtambo at Nthungwa

Highlighting the urgent need for economic liberation and revolution in Malawi, Mtambo emphasized that at 60 years old, the country requires new leadership with fresh ideas. He criticized what he described as “recycled politicians” whose time, in his view, has passed. Mtambo underscored that the agenda Chilima fought for—a vision of progress and prosperity—is crucial for steering Malawi forward.

Addressing the somber occasion commemorating Chilima and eight others who tragically perished in a plane crash, Mtambo urged UTM members and youth across Malawi to continue honoring their memory through candlelight memorial services. He called for unity and resilience in the pursuit of a new Malawi, one that overcomes the current challenges of economic hardship and infrastructural decay.

Reflecting on Malawi’s 60 years of independence, Mtambo expressed solemnity rather than celebration, citing ongoing crises such as hunger and dilapidated roads like the perilous Karonga Road. He lamented that the nation remains in a metaphorical wilderness, yearning for progress and development.

In a stirring conclusion, Mtambo invoked the legacies of past Malawian leaders such as Henry Masauko Chipembere and Orton Chirwa, urging unity and collective action among the youth to build a brighter future. He conveyed a message of determination, asserting, “Change is coming in 2025. Malawi should not endure perpetual shame; a new Malawi is not only necessary but achievable.”

As Malawi navigates its path forward, Mtambo’s words resonate as a call to action, challenging the status quo and advocating for a transformative agenda that honors the aspirations of its people.

Stay tuned as developments unfold on this journey towards a renewed Malawi envisioned by leaders like Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo and Saulosi Klaus Chilima.