Endorsement boast for Dr Ken Zikhale MCP Vice Presidency from UK based political scientist

By Durell Namasani

Just days after Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma announced that he will be contesting for the First Vice Presidency at the fourth coming MCP convention, he has already started receiving endorsements from several political players.  The recent endorsement has come from a UK based Political Scientists and former leader of the MCP Diaspora Network Allan Mandindi.

Writing on his Facebook page , Mandindi made a case for the Delegates to vote for Dr Ken Zikhale who he described as a capable leader that would bring so much to MCP as a Vice president

Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma with UK Based Political Scientist Allan Mandindi

In his post, Mandindi wrote

“As MCP convention is drawing closer and nominations have started flying around.
Many politicians will try to sell themselves as good  men and women of the people but once elected, they are nowhere to be seen. This is a regular occurrence and to my fellow youth beware who you support”

Mandindi went on to say he has known
Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma for some years while in opposition and he is one politician that Zikhale has vast knowledge on Malawi politics and is passionate about Malawi.

Mandindi also acknowledged Zikhale openness and willingnes to listen to Malawians in diaspora “Opposition or in government he has always been reachable and very passionate about promoting young people and the diaspora”

The MCP convention will take place on the 8th of August 2024 at BICC on Lilongwe