Authorities ban Fake NGO Real-Turn Plan International from operating in Malawi

By Wadza Botomani

The Non Governmental Organisations Regulatory Authority (NGORA), has announced that it is banning an organization called Real-Turn Plan International for operating in the country illegally.

According to a statement, which the body has released dated Saturday 26, August 2022, signed by it’s Registrar Voice Mhone, it indicates that the organization which is not registered, has been operating in Mulanje and other districts of the country without following proper procedures.

“We wish to warn the public not to have any dealings with Real-Turn Plan International as it is not a duly registered non-governmental organization in the country and therefore operating illegally.

The organization, parading as an NGO, is operating in Mulanje and other districts, asking money from people in order to employ them. These activities are fraudulent. NGORA has taken steps to stop the organization from operating in the country,” the statement reads in part.

NGORA Chief Executive Officer, Voice Mhone

The statement, further states that the organization has also been demanding money from people for them to be employed. Spokesperson for the board Lucy Bandazi, has also confirmed about the development.

Real-Turn Plan International, in an introductory letter signed by Coordinator Everson Kumisanjo and addressed to, among others, Mulanje District Council and traditional leaders, claims that it is a project for Cavoc International Group Limited funded by Sweden community based organizations and other associations to support vulnerable young people.

In the letter dated 25th July, 2022, Kumisanjo said the project was introducing its staff to identify young people who dropped out of school and are needy in order to help them continue with their education.

He further said that after collecting information through churches and villages, only those in need of immediate help will be taken to the district council and chiefs for consent and assistance.

Kumisanjo was also seeking the direction of the district council on how best his organization should go about managing the funds in the interest of the beneficiaries and went on to suggest that the council should call for a meeting in October before they could rollout the assistance.

One of the purported employment contracts between Real-Turn Plan International, Cavoc International Group Limited and a certain employee, which Nyasa Times has seen, shows that the said employee would start working on 1st September on a temporary basis and entitled to a monthly salary of MK130,000.