Buluma’s NOCMA in Fuel Deal with Finergy Petroleum- Company at the centre of Kambala, Chaima and Chihana accusations. Who is fooling Who?

By Staff Reporter

We break and reveal with pictures and video clips that the Finergy Petroleum for which Mr Chris Chaima Banda, Former Adviser to President Chakwera was illegally recorded and the three (Newton Kambala, Enoch Chihana and Chaima)were charged and are in court in a case where they are being accused of trying to influence Miss Helen Buluma to give it a contract, is now in Malawi for real, supplying NOCMA thousands upon thousands of tonnes of the black Gold, without a contract or a tendering process.

Their 6 tankers were at NOCMA’s Kanengo depot since last week to offload fuel to NOCMA.

According to the pictures seen, Malawians need to admire the evil of hypocrisy and how real thieves create a smoke screen behind which they hide is holy robs while putting individuals and their families in distress and finacial quandary, while they wine and dine from their illgotten harvests. Squandering those who just wanted to serve the nation with every passion and love for our beloved country.

In her testimony in court, Miss Buluma lied to the court that they blacklisted Finergy. That it is not allowed to do any business with Malawi.
Malawians, we are witnessing the Jesebel shredding the Tonse government to pieces.

The Cross examination of Miss Buluma will be an interesting episode, as the liar and her handlers and paymasters will be exposed and be put to shame.

When Finergy went to see the President in courtesy call. They made it clear that they had come to Malawi to buy a bidding document. Chaima Banda is heard in the clip reading this section of their presentation to the President. It is clear, ftom the recording that Finergy never came to Malawi to bribe anybody. They came to buy a bidding document. Finergy had indicated that as they do in other countries where they do business’s, they wanted to start investing in social corporate responsibility programmes in Malawi, conditional to them successfully winming a contract in a competitive tendering process. They had indicated to the President that they wanted to upscale their quantities from the 20,000 metric tones they had won by tender in 2019/ 2020 contracting year to 40,000 metric tones in the following year 2020/2021.

But Malawians here we are, without a new round of tendering for 2022/2023, Miss Buluma and her compatriots in this evil scheme against the three innocent people above, have entered a supply contract with Finergy while the case is in courts in which the three are being accused of attempting to influence her to award a contract to the same company.

Many see Miss Buluma as an agent who will surely bring the Tonse government down.
For all the efforts and sacrifices that Malawians made to bring MCP and its partners to power, can you really afford to throw all that away at the hands of a DPP serving National Governing Council Member, in exchange for the “THING?”