MEC announces ‘comprehensive’ review of ward and constituency boundaries

In fulfilment of its constitutional mandate and in preparation for tripartite elections in September 2025, the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) will be conducting a comprehensive review of boundaries of all constituencies and wards to ensure that they are in compliance with the provisions of section 76 of the Constitution, according to a public statement issued on Monday, August 30, 2021, signed by MEC Acting Chief Elections Officer, Harris Potani.

MEC is created under section 75 of the Constitution with a mandate to manage, supervise and direct the conduct of elections in accordance with the Constitution and other Acts of Parliament.

Acting Chief Elections Officer, Harris Potani

Among other functions, section 76 (2) of the Constitution gives the Commission the mandate to determine constituency boundaries impartially on the basis of ensuring that constituencies contain approximately equal numbers of voters eligible to register, subject only to consideration of population density, ease of communication, and geographical features and existing administrative boundaries, and to review existing constituency boundaries at intervals of not more than five years and alter them in accordance with the principles laid down in the Constitution.

“In view of this process, the Commission is, calling upon all political parties, Civil Society Organisations, professional associations, academia, religious and faith groups and organisations and all interested stakeholders to submit views, opinions and suggestions in writing to be considered during the review process.

“Stakeholders are advised to send the written submissions pertaining to specific councils, constituencies and wards to their respective District Council offices using the addresses attached. Submissions can also be dropped in person at the council offices in envelopes marked: “Constituency and Ward Boundary Review”

“All other submissions pertaining to the process but not specific to a particular council, ward or constituency should be submitted to the Chief Elections Officer” reads the statement.

According to the statement, the deadline for receiving submission is October 20, 2021 and that submissions made outside the channel provided or after the consultative meetings will not be entertained.