Chakwera promises to transform Agricultural sector

By Vincent Gunde

Tonse Alliance Presidential torchbearer, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera says Chakwera – Chilima leadership is set to revamp smallholder farming for agriculture to remain the backbone of Malawi’s economy.

Dr. Chakwera says smallholder farming has gone down because the previous Governments after Kamuzu had no interest of revamping it only preaching that Malawi is an agricultural country.

He says Chakwera – Chilima leadership will re introduce farmers clubs which will be getting loans for agricultural inputs and be repaying after selling their agricultural produce thereby making everyone in the country benefit from Malawi’s economy.

Speaking in Kasungu during whistle stops campaign meetings, Dr. Chakwera assures farmers that Chakwera – Chilima leadership will reduce a bag of fertilizer to K4,495 to make all farmers be able to purchase fertilizer so that agriculture be the backbone of the country’s economy not on paper but practically.

” Farmers will be able to grow crops with already having prices in their mind. We will establish markets for farmers to sale their produce for them to be happy taking agriculture as a business,” says Dr. Chakwera.

He says Chakwera – Chilima leadership will bring back agricultural advisors to make sure that what farmers are producing are of good standards to meet the world markets.

The MCP President says Chakwera – Chilima leadership will boost tourism industry in Malawi by making sure that all the roads to the tourism attraction centres are graded for tourists to be able to travel and see nature without much problems.

On politics, Dr. Chakwera assures Malawians that Chakwera – Chilima leadership is for uniting Malawians regardless of region, tribe and religion saying Malawi is one country and politics should not separate people.

Dr. Chakwera urged chiefs to be non partisan and not to be under full control of politicians saying this tendency has made many chiefs to be poor because they are used to kneeling down at the feet of politicians begging for money .

**original post from Malawi exclusive**