First Lady Chakwera appeals for more help to alleviate classroom shortages

By Staff Reporter

First Lady, Madame Monica Chakwera, presided over the official handover of a classroom block worth K54 million at Kabuthu Teacher’s Development Centre (TDC) Primary School in Nsaru, Lilongwe.

Speaking during the ceremony, Madame Chakwera commended the efforts of Co-Africa through the Build a classroom Initiative, as it will help alleviate the shortage of classrooms and promote girls’ education in the country.

The First Lady further appealed to other organizations to come forward and assist the government in constructing more classroom blocks across the county to improve the quality of education.

First Lady flanked by Education Minister Madalitso Wirima.

“This is a significant milestone in our education sector, and I am honored to be part of such development,” said Chakwera.

In her remarks, Minister of Education, Madalitso Wirima, said her ministry will continue to construct modern classroom blocks to accommodate the current population nationwide and promote quality education.

“The government will do everything possible to ensure that schools in the country have sufficient classroom blocks for learners to thrive in a conducive environment,” She said.

Member of Parliament for the area, Monica Chiyang’anamuno expressed appreciation for the timely initiative and commended the First Lady for promoting girls’ education through the Shaping Our Future Foundation initiatives.

Representing the donor, Goodwell Ndiwo Banda, stated that his organization will continue constructing classroom blocks across the country as a means of enhancing the quality of education. He further mentioned that Co-Africa has already constructed five classroom blocks, with more to be expected.

The project has been funded by Co-Africa through Build a Classroom initiative, with a sum of K51 million, while the remaining K3 million came from the Constituency Development Fund.