Government reaffirms its commitment to develop the Northern region

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

The government of Malawi under the administration of president Lazarus Chakwera has repeated that it is so committed to rollout several developmental projects in the northern part of the country so that it is changed into its deservedly outlook. The reaffirmation has been made during the 10th Weekly brief from the state residences which took place at Mzuzu State Lodge on Monday morning, Addressing media, the presidential press secretary Mr. Brian Banda told the nation that president Lazarus Chakwera has the lives of all Malawians at his heart regardless of where they are coming from, but all what is needed is for Malawians to be hold their patience.

On the ongoing AIP, the presidential press secretary said the program has been smoothly running despite in some isolated cases where some vendors are trying to abuse the program and network problem in other areas. But he assured the people that the president is serious about the program and will not tolerate this, hence ordering the ministry of Homeland security to deal with any kind of abuse to the program. On connectivity issue, Brian Banda has said the president has ordered that the network problem must be dealt with immediately, once and for all as it is a big project that is targeting over 16 million people of 4.3 households from previous 900,000 people and if abused or meets some problems it can affect a huge number of beneficiaries.

Brian Banda in Mzuzu

Mr. Banda took advantage also to reveal that president Chakwera plans to build a mini Capital Hill in the Northern region so that the president and his ministers can find time to work in the region. He further mentioned a number of projects that Chakwera administration intends to roll out in the region like building a brand new campus for the Mzuzu University to increase intake, Inkosi Mbelwa University to replace the failed Mombera University, linkage between areas like Chintheche, Nkhata-Bay Boma, Likoma as well as Nyika plateau, a beautiful big Jetty at Nkhata-Bay and railway from Salima to Mbeya. He also told the nation that the president is so committed to finish all important projects which were rolled by his predecessors once funds are available as they belong to Malawians. Mr Banda added that president Chakwera will construct an international airport in Mzuzu and be named after Orton Chirwa as well as turning Nkhata-Bay district into a municipality among others. But Mr. Brian Banda was quick to appeal for calm among Malawians as he said all these developements won’t happen in a day, a month or a year.

The presidential press Secretary has also assured the nation that the M1 road is on the priority list of president Chakwera and that the process of getting funds for the project is underway, adding that even within the city of Lilongwe many new roads will be constructed to ease congestion at all times, saying all what is needed is to give president Chakwera and his administration ample time of sourcing funds for these projects as the projects are aligned within short term, medium and long term plans in the quest to uplift the lives of Malawians.

On the much debated bilateral relationship that Malawi intends to establish its office in Jerusalem, Banda denied to comment on it, saying the meeting between the state president and an envoy from Palestine was held in a closed door.

Meanwhile Mr. Brian Banda has assured the nation that the issue to do with the publicizing the Tonse alliance agreement will be addressed by partners soon.

Before Mr. Brian Banda took answers from media, the executive assistant and director of communications Mr. Sean Kampondeni clarified on a number of issues of public interest including that of letters of appointment to 2 DPP MEC commissioners who were found to be incompetent by courts of law. He also outlined several activities that the president has done in the week including a visit of a young girl admitted at Mzuzu Central Hospital who is among 119 defilement cases attended by the Mzuzu Central Hospital and intends to do in the near future.

Weekly brief from the state house aims at letting the Malawians know what president Chakwera has done in the week or has put forward to do in the following week.