If I was Nankhumwa – off the wall of Foster Fundi

If I were Nankhumwa I would have resigned as leader of opposition.
In fact I would have known that APM is protecting me rather than fighting him.
Seriously if I were him I would have set a good example, humble myself and support the decision for the good of the party.

Anyway, I am not Nankhumwa, why bother waste my time figuring out why APM and many members of NEC want me out. Thank God I am not him otherwise I would have asked my supporters in my mini camp to stand down. Purely just to set a good example that I can be held accountable too just like any member of our party.

Kondwani Nankhumwa

I am not sure if it’s naivety on my part, otherwise if I were Nankhumwa I would have questioned why Tonse leadership including Chakwera and Chilima are supporting my endeavors to cling to the house leadership position. Certainly I would have asked what do APM and NEC know I don’t know or what do they know I already know and how do they know what I know. Anyway, what do I know, I am just glad I am not Nankhumwa

***views expressed are that of the Author Foster Fundi as posted on his Facebook page ***