Ipyana Nthakomwa dumps PP

By Chisomo Phiri

People’s Party (PP) National Director of Youth Ipyana Nthakomwa has  resigned from his position and as a member of the party.

Nthakomwa told local media that PP has lost direction and that its leadership is no longer focusing on the people’s voice.

He further alleged that only few people in the party are benefitting in Tonse Government, and they do not have time to criticize where government is going astray.


Said Nthakomwa:”PP leaders have no time to fix the party’s structures,  what they say on the podium is not true reflection on the ground.”

But reacting to to the news, PP deputy secretary Noel Chimpeni said the party is not worried with his move, arguing the party already stopped using him because he joined Voice of the North grouping.

PP  was founded in 2011 by Joyce Banda, Vice-President of Malawi from May 2009 to April 2012, and President from 7 April 2014.