Kalindo says government taking Malawians for granted

By Vincent Gunde

Political activist Bon Kalindo has accused President Dr. Lazarus  Chakwera and Vice President Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima of taking Malawians for granted and treating the country’s issues as “business as usual.”

Kalindo claims the two leaders have no genuine concern for the welfare of citizens.

In an audio clip circulating on social media, Kalindo states that while the president and vice president are ignoring the country’s problems, hospitals are facing medication shortages, ADMARC has no maize, roads are in disrepair, and people are struggling with hunger.


The self-acclaimed political activist predicts that the 2025 elections will not be free and fair, citing the relocation of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to Lilongwe as a ploy to rig the elections.

He alleges that MEC has already been defrauded of K2.2 billion by Sheba Enterprises, a UK-based company that investigation revealed is no longer operational.

Kalindo warns Malawians not to trust MEC, citing past instances of corruption, including the “cashgate” scandal and the procurement of fertilizer from a butchery.

He advises citizens to be cautious of MEC’s advertisements warning people to safeguard their Identity Cards, as the ruling party has a history of manipulating voter registration, even registering IDs for deceased individuals.

Kalindo has vowed to continue his activism, even if it means facing arrest.

“Malawians are not safe, and the 2025 elections will just be ceremonial to make President Chakwera bounce back.The rigging strategies started a long time ago,” says Kalindo in the audio.