Mutharika confident of DPP’s victory in 2025 elections

By Vincent Gunde

Former President and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, has confidently declared that the DPP is a robust and united party, with no divisions or defections since losing power in 2020.

He says the party is more united than ever, with no traitors or dissenters, and is poised to win the 2025 elections.

Mutharika has however, warned the MCP-led government that its time is up, having failed to lead Malawians in the interest of all, only bringing suffering for five years.

He has wished President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera well, stating that the DPP is ready to rebuild the country’s ailing economy, which the MCP has destroyed in two years.


Addressing a packed Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre on Sunday, Mutharika alleged that the MCP is attempting to rig the 2025 elections, including registering 1.5 million voters from a single church in Mozambique.

He advised the MCP to accept the election results, which he claims the DPP has already won.

Mutharika reminded Malawians that in 2019, he cautioned them against voting for the MCP, which they now regret.

He assured them that he is running in the 2025 elections because Malawi has been destroyed, blaming President Chakwera for the skyrocketing prices of essential goods and services.

He said after consulting his family, he decided to contest the elections and isĀ  confident of victory.

Mutharika promised to revive the Shire Valley Transformation project, Malata-Cement Subsidy program, Community Technical Colleges, and Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP), which he claims the Chakwera administration has failed to deliver.

He emphasized that his vision is for a united Malawi, not just for one tribe, religion, region, or family.

He urged Malawians to register in large numbers to vote out the MCP and choose development with the DPP in government.

On a somber note, Mutharika lamented that the MCP, which came to power through demonstrations, now opposes demonstrations.

He called on President Chakwera to ensure opposition parties’ safety while campaigning in the central region.

Finally, Mutharika demanded that President Chakwera arrest the thugs who attacked DPP members with machetes in various locations, emphasizing that the central region belongs to all Malawians, not just the Chewas.