Ken Zikhale Ng’omas Submissive water project attracts attention of other Constituencies

After being recognized with an award as the Outstanding MP of the year by London Political Summit for his  innovative submissive water supply projects , Nkhatabay South Legislator Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has found himself in demand. Various Constituencies across Malawi have contacted him for guidance  on how projects like his can be rolled out in other areas.

Our reports indicate that Chintheche hospital administration has requested their Member of Parliament for the area to liase with Zikhale so that the submissive water supply strategy can be rolled out in the  in the entire district,  MPs are seeking formula firm Zikhale and that has also brought the attention of District Health Officer in Nkhatabay has contacted Zikhale for his input and guidance on this project

Hospital administrator Chimpeni confirmed that he had  contacted Hon Dr Kenneth Zikhale Ng’oma, to come and support Chinthetche hospital with water system strategy that has made him very popular in his constituency.  Since his award as an Outstanding MP of the year, other MPs after  have also invited him to their respective constituencies to help them design such a water supply system

Dr Ken Zikhale Reeves Ng’oma

In his remarks Zikhale said he is overwhelmed with the support he is getting from his Community and that he is receiving request from many areas where water is a problem “ Despite Nkhatabay having the lake by us we have been deprived of portable water to drink, since 1964  we have been having water shortages. I have indeed received inquiries from other constituencies and fellow MPs from other areas that they are interested that I share my knowledge of the submissive water project to their respective areas” said Zikhale. He highlighted that he felt his recent award has been a genuine appreciation  of his efforts towards provision of a  very important element in regard to humanitarian basic needs and that is water.

Zikhale who has recently become famous for being development oriented has become a darling of Nkhatabay South Constituency.Many People in the area feel Zikhale is probably the most development conscious MP they have ever had. He has donated Maize Mills , aided in the construction of health centres, donated ambulances  and has engaged in the submissive water project in order to replace boreholes with tap water.

Zikhale has confrmed that his next program this year is to supply pipped water in Kawiya, Kande and thereafter he will be in Kalowa in his constituency. Chifira area has also been ear marked by London Summit to receive support on the project.

Northern Region Water Board was financed with huge sums of money borrow from foreign banks to supply water in Nkhatabay South last year, however the project has not been rolled out . When we contacted CEO of NRWB his phone went unanswered