Mai Mbambande Foundation apologizes for not acknowledging Triephornia Mpinganjira’s K2. 5 million donation

By Chisomo Phiri

Mai Mbambande Foundation founded and owned by Deborah Mbale has apologized to businessperson Triephornia Bender Mpinganjira for failing to acknowledge her K2.5 million donation towards the foundation’s work two weeks ago.

In a Facebook post, the businessperson said she sent the aforementioned amount after Mai Mbambande had appealed for donations to raise K800,000 and was wondering why the organization was still appealing for more donations in order to raise the same K800,000 last week.

But in a Facebook statement on Monday, the foundation’s founder Deborah Mbale apologized to Mpinganjira for what happened.

Deborah Mbale

“Good morning Mai Mbambande clan, I come to you this morning to update you on the recent events circulating, pertaining to a donation made by Mrs. Triphonia Mpinganjira to our bulding project.

“As Mai Mbambande Foundation, we are dedicated to uplifting and creating positive lasting impact on the lives of the elderly. We believe in openness and transparency and hold a high ethical standard in all our operations.

“Recently, Mrs. Mpinganjira donated K2,500,000 to our cause. However, there were miscommunication which has resulted to a public mess.
We would like to sincerely apologize to Mrs. Mpinganjira for not acknowledging Her donation as soon as it was received , as we would normally have done. Bearing in mind that this was a trying moment for us, we take full responsibility of our omission.
We have managed to engage with Mrs. Mpinganjira and have explained to her what happened. It is safe to say that all queries with her have been resolved,”said Mbale in a Facebook post.

She concluded :”We would also like to appeal to the public and apologize for the confusion this issue has brought. After all is said and dusted, we have innocent elderly people that rely on us.

“We have been made aware of a group sourcing funds to repay Mrs Mpinganjira of her donation. We plead with you to not use that route. We appreciate the love and passion you continue to show us, but we kindly ask that we not throw stones or act with hurt in our hearts. Rather, Let’s not lose focus and instead use these resources for the furtherance of our goals.

“Thank you Mrs. Mpinganjira and all those that continue to support us.We will keep updating and we have learnt a million lessons as a foundation.

“Once again, we are sorry to you all.

” Mai Mbambande Foundation, a beacon of Hope for the elderly.”

Mai Mbambande is an elderly home based in Lilongwe which hosts elderly men and women, providing them food, accommodation and other basic necessities.

The organization which I currently building an elderly home consisting of hostels and an office.

For the project, the organization usually appeals for assistance from the public through its Facebook Page.