Mangochi Chiefs hail President Chakwera for the Mangochi – Makanjira road Project

By Linda Kwanjana

Senior Traditional Authorities in Mangochi on Monday 20 November, 2023, held a press conference where the chiefs commended President Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera for signing the financing agreement of Mangochi – Makanjira road.

The Senior Chiefs, who gathered during the press briefing in Mangochi, include Chowe, Kululanga, Makanjira and Katuli.

Senior Chief Chowe, who was the first to speak said they decided to address the press after noting that all previous Governments only promised to do the job till today, nothing has happened.

“We are thankful to President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his personal commitment of building the Mangochi Makanjira road. Once this road is completed, Mangochi will never be the same, ” he said.

Senior Chief Makanjira said Traditional Authorities from Machinga and Mangochi Districts, stand united, not only as custodians of their rich cultural heritage but as advocates for the progress and well-being of their people.

He said Mangochi chiefs have decided to express profound gratitude to the State President for his unwavering commitment to the development of the Country, Malawi.

“The President’s recent trip to The Kingdom of Saud Arabia has secured funding for the construction of the road from Mangochi to Makanjira. This is a testament of the President’s dedication to improving the infrastructure that connects our communities. This road, once realized, will not only enhance accessibility but will also foster economic growth, social integration, and overall prosperity in our district,” he said.

He added: “We, as traditional leaders, understand the pivotal role that a well-connected road network plays in the advancement of our communities. It opens doors to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, bringing us closer to a future where every citizen can thrive,” he said.

Senior Chief Kululanga and Katuli also spoke commending the president on the same.

On 7 November, 2023, President Chakwera left Malawi for Saud Arabia where among other things signed the $20 million financing agreement for Mangochi Makanjira road.