Malawians chant for Mussa John’s justice on social media

By staff reporter

A storm is raging on social media following the recent sentence of 8 years imprisonment to a 19 year old Mussa John who has been sentenced for being found with 78 plastic bags of Indian hemp commonly known as Chamba.

According to Chizuma posting on her official Facebook page says the boy is poor and Malawian, I guess those are additional crimes he committed.

Otherwise Justice has failed in the material case.

“The learned colleagues erred in both law and fact when he arrived on such a sentence” says Chizuma.

Another Social Media activist Mphande, writes “Free 19 year old Mussa John”

Mphande borrowed a leaf from one the lines used in Martse’s songs which says Ku ndende ndi kwa anthu okuba nkhuku basi, Mabwana okuba dollar aziyenda mwaufulu basi, meaning prisons accommodate the less privileged and vulnerable, those with money do not see themselves behind bars even after commiting an offense.