MIbawa TV dazzles  viewers as it excludes Women on its newly released board list

Durrell Namasani

One of Malawi’s fast growing media houses Mibawa TV has come under heavy criticism for not including any woman on their  newly released  board members list.

On Tueday Morning , Mibawa TV through their social media handle announced the names of the  new board members. However , it didn’t take long before  people spotted that no female representation  was on the list  and many people started voicing out their concerns.

Comments followed that include “No gender equality Ntchito yavuta apa “,”come and give us an excuse  that there was no qualified woman to have been chosen in either of the positions “. One even compared the stations approach to the Taliban in Afganistan “Mibawa TV  and the Taliban, same whatsapp group . The other gender doesn’t exist “

The new list of board members comprises of Issac Kayira as Chairperson an Daniel Dunga as Deputy Chairperson. The other board members re Dr Davies Lanjesi. Joshua Nthakomwa, Smith Likongwe,Lister Chirwa  while Jai Banda is the company secretary

The station has not yet responded to the criticism.