Min Dr Zikhale Ng’oma challenges the newly recruited prison warders to adhere to professionalism

By Linda Kwanjana

Malawi’s Minister of Homeland Security Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma on Saturday, 4th November, 2023 challenged graduating prison warders to remain professional or else face long arm of the law themselves.

Speaking at Mapanga Prison Staff Training School when he presided over the pass out ceremony, Ng’oma emphasized on discipline among the staff, saying their discipline helps to mentor the inmates well so that they become good citizens once they are released out of prison.

Homeland security Minister Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma

He said every job has its own code of ethics and its a duty of everyone to adhere to the same.

Zikhale said the pass out of over 700 Prison Recruits is a great relief in boosting the operations of the Malawi Prison Service.

“We are building up more and more warders to increase security in terms of discipline because if you discipline inmate, when that inmate comes out, he becomes a good citizen and that creates an environment for good security in the country.

I am also urging our community to accept inmates and help them when they come out as they come out after being well mentored while in prison” Said the Minister.

Speaking earlier, Commissioner General for Malawi Prison, Masauko Wiscott described the coming out of the new recruits as a great relief, saying it will boost the staff the institution has across the country.

The ceremony was the first of its kind since the year 2017.