Minister Jacob Hara says time for shoddy work is over

By Linda Kwanjana

The Minister of Transport, Jacob Hara, has expressed a commitment to ensuring quality work in all projects undertaken by history ministry.

Speaking at the UNICEF Ground during a development rally hosted by President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, Hara reassured the President that concerns about the quality of work are now alleviated.

President and Madam Chakwera with Hon Jacob Hara

He announced the removal of companies engaged in substandard road construction, emphasizing a new era of prioritizing excellence.

Hara outlined the ministry’s current focus on promoting the capabilities of Malawian construction companies, aiming to equip them for both local and international projects.

He acknowledged President Chakwera’s efforts in rehabilitating the M1 road, emphasizing the positive economic impact of such initiatives.

Addressing the ongoing construction of the K37 billion Lilongwe River bridge, Hara highlighted its role in facilitating smoother traffic flow between Bwalo la Njobvu and Area 3.

“Previously when motorists were traveling from either direction, they were being blocked at this location. The good news is that the delays that occurred on the bridge will no longer be a concern,” ” he said.

The bridge will have total of eight lanes, designed to facilitate smooth traffic movement in both directions.

Among these, five lanes will be dedicated to vehicles, while an additional two lanes will be allocated for pedestrians, with an extra lane designated specifically for cyclists.

The Minister disclosed upcoming projects, citing examples such as the Chigwirizano-Malingunde Road, signaling a proactive approach to further infrastructural development.
President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera lauded the Lilongwe bridge and road project, stating its significance in transforming the city’s appearance.

He noted that upon completion, the new infrastructure will boast three times the width of the previous one, securing its position as the largest bridge in the nation.

In a show of appreciation, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera extended gratitude to the Japanese government for their financial backing in the rehabilitation of a segment of the M1 road.

He underlined their confidence in significantly transforming the city’s image through this endeavor, emphasizing that the enduring impact of their support will last for generations to come.

In his address, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera articulated that the rehabilitation of a road of this nature fosters the integration of local and international markets.

This, in turn, enhences productivity, ultimately contributing to wealth creation and facilitating the alleviation of individuals from poverty.

Seizing the moment, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera issued a directive to the Minister of Transport, Jacob Hara, urging vigilance over ongoing road projects. Emphasizing the importance of both speed and quality in project execution, the President provided insight into forthcoming road projects that have secured financing.

He instructed the minister to initiate the work promptly within the current year, stressing that he will not tolerate procrastination in the excecution of projects by contractors.

Concluding his remarks, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera issued a stern warning to the government departments tasked with project approvals, urging them to expedite the process. He stressed the urgency, noting that the people of Malawi are eager for developmental initiatives to progress swiftly while maintaining a focus on quality in alignment with the national agenda outlined in Malawi Vision 2063.