Mpunga denies allegations of joining active  politics after introducing za Mpira bonanza

By Dean Chisambo

National Coordinator for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Elimination program in the Ministry of health Dr James Mpunga has denied the allegations from several sectors that he has intentions to venture into active politics.

Mpinga has reiterated that he will consider those intentions of joining active politics  when time comes but at the moment, his intentions are pure  and he contributes back to the people of Zomba as a bonafide citizen of the area.

Mpunga – I give back to my people

He said :” As a citizen of Zomba, it will always be my dream to make sure that I contribute back to the community that also brought me  up, I have done all my education in Zomba, I grew up there, therefore it’s important that I also give back. I started the sports bonanza  to make sure that we identify talent in Zomba that also can be taken to the national team and other places.

“So the introduction of those bonanza’s is just to make sure that people have got something to do as well for us to identify talent that can be taken elsewhere.”

Mpunga introduced K3 million James Mpunga Zampira Bonanza.

He said the grand finale of the bonanza will be on 16th June 2024 and it will be spiced up with musical performances and they will invite one of the celebrated people in Malawi football.