Mutharika bodyguard Chisale threatens to deal with DPP Cadets, warns Chimbanga and Nankhumwa to stop sponsoring thugs

By Durell Namasani

The bodyguard to Peter Mutharika Norman Chisale has reacted angrily to  the videos circulating on social media  where a number of DPP cadets  are accusing him of preventing them access to the president.

The videos which have been shared widely on Facebook and WhatsApp sees prominent DPP cadets led by Bangwe1  calling for Chisale to be removed from the statehouse and calling him “chiswamudzi” saying he is the one breaking the DPP party.

ntopwa bangwe1
DPP Cadets calling for Chisale to be fired

After choosing to be silent on the accusations, Chisale finally broke his silence and has confided to his close allies that he is aware of  campaign within the DPP ranks to damage his working relationship with Mutharika. Our sources says Chisale has  confided that  he knows that the DPP thugs are  being sponsored by Kondwani Nankhumwa using his boys like Leonard Chimbanga

Chimbanga is on record after  a leaked phonecall  a few months ago  expose that him and others are working on a campaign to remove Norman Chisale and Gertrude Mutharika . Chisale is urging all those that have issues with him to follow the proper channels to  address their grievances   “ I am not a politicians so don’t drag me into your politics, I am a security guy and the President security is my priority. I am warning those thugs that are threatening to deal with me to be careful of what they are saying- as long as the president security is threatened then I will have no choice bit to deal with them “ Chisale said

chisale mutharika
Chisale and President Mutharika