Muvi wa Chilungamo says leadership is not about age but ability to lead

By Vincent Gunde

President and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutioary Party (MRP) Bantu Saunders Jumah, says leadership is not about age but capacity and ability to lead proposing presidential age limit to start from 27 up to 100 years.

Jumah has demanded and commanded the August House convening on the 9th February, 2024 not to continue tampering with the supreme law of the country by enacting a bill about age limit of a presidential candidate.

Social media platforms have reported that Members of Parliament (MPs) both of government and opposition are strategizing to bring into the August House a bill of presidential age limit to bar DPP President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika from standing in the 2025 elections.

Writing in a statement, Jumah has observed that the country has had young leaders ever since 2020 all under 70 but their leadership style cannot surpass those who are above 70 today observing that this has been a disappointment.

Jumah said Malawi has had 60 years where its politicians are chameleonic, changing colours when they are outside government and becomes inky black when they are elected into government describing this as a worrisome development to all patriotic Malawians.

He has asked the Malawi Parliament not to amend, repeal, enact any bill without consulting the general consensus of citizens proposing that political parties outside Parliament must be given space twice or three times in every sitting of Parliament to contribute to the development of their country.

“It has been proved that the August House representatives don’t consult their constituents that voted for them, hence pertinent issues are remaining outside the House with the people,” reads Jumah’s statement in part.

He encouraged patriotic Malawians that the time for Revolution has come and it is time for Malawi to change and be different expressing his deep concern over rampant corruption which has spared no one in Malawi, all are corrupt.

The MRP President said corruption cannot be stopped or ended when the top or senior government officials are immune to prosecution, plunder of national resources and looting of citizens taxes cannot be stopped if and when the President, ministers, MPs are powerful to defeat the cause of justice and when the president is above the law, there is no rule of law and democracy.

Jumah has finally demanded for the Revival of National Executive Council (NEC) or National Consultative Council (NCC) Conference where all stakeholders and concerned citizens must gather together and solve the country’s anomalies observing that the future of Malawi relies in the hands of a Samaritan who is never going to appear in the country forever.