Mystery over the death of Federalism advocate Lusungu Mwankhwawa

By Memory Majamanda

Leader of Federalism Institute a grouping advocating for federal system of Government Lusungu Mwakhwawa has died. However , his death has left some unanswered questions which has left some quarters to start believing there is more to his death than what meets the eye.

Chairperson of People’s Federal Movement Moses Kapiriwita Mkandawire who was working closely with Mwakhwawa told local media that Mwakhwawa’s body was discovered yesterday at his house in Lilongwe’s Area 44 with signs of decomposition.

Mkandawire says the body has been referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital for postmortem, whose results are yet to be known.

Mwakhwawa was expected to lead what he called Revolution from August 21,2023. While in South Africa some three weeks ago , Lusungu confided to a close friend that that he is receiving death threats from government officials but he didn’t disclose names unfortunately. A day after Lusungu returned to Malawi the police arrested him and told him that they were arresting him for money laundering he was never charged and was released same day.

This has led to some believe there could be some darker forces behind his death.