No Kernel of Wisdom in the Chaff of Namiwa

By Leonard Kavwenje

Slyvester Namiwa, share with all Malawians the class of cannabis sativa you are smoking these days. Namiwa, do you know that we are in possession of your recording; begging money from a particular Indian business mogul?

Namiwa, you have a court case to answer. You are unfit to lead the so called Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI). Your professionalism, integrity and public conduct boil listlessly.

Namiwa, let me lecture you, Zikhale performs his ministerial roles in line with the strict homeland security policy.

Why are you even failing to distinguish between the role of homeland security minister and that of police Inspector General? If you have issues to do with police management, then talk to the Inspector General not Zikhale.

I understand, an evil crop of unpatriotic Malawians is abusing your irrational intellect to advance their selfish political interests. Tell them, they are profoundly immoral and wicked.

Imagine, a dutiful and committed homeland security minister coming from abroad. A minister whose presentation at the 74th Session of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Executive Committee meetings forced “angerezi kuomba mmanja”.

A hero who remains in the top 3 of the best performing homeland security ministers for the past sonnet of years, since 2009.

A minister whose brains at managing refugees remain unequaled in Africa.

A minister who has inimitably managed to bring 100 000 US dollars for the Malawi Refugee Act Review and refugee head counting to determine legal immigrants.

A minister who has earned human rights support for following rule of law in Malawi.

A minister who has instilled discipline in the police system. Only under Chakwera, Malawians continue to witness swift police performances. Malawi Police Services now professionally manage thieves possessing deadly weapons with evil intentions to rob banks and kill innocent foreigners.

A minister who has reduced rates of road corruption. Only under Chakwera, drivers’ licences are no longer money-syphoning recipes.

A minister who ably responds to the media with maximum integrity and timeliness.

A minister who ably manages meaningless demonstrations whose agenda are yet to be understood.

A minister who is demanding a fresh probe into the former Anti Corruption Bureau Chief, Issa Njaunju.

Surely, while Zikhale represented Malawi in Geneva, Namiwa and his partisan CDEDI wanted him (the minister) to fly back and arrest law breakers here in Malawi and fly again to Switzerland. Really? Alright, heat wave melts logic.

Good Malawians understand better that envy and jealousy drive some ruling or opposing political men and women to destroy this Nkhata Bay genius but Almighty Father, people of Nkhata Bay, the entire North and entire Malawi are watching your ill moves and motives. You are a personal attacker. You are too partisan. Here is a lecture; national security is about the army. Public security digs into criminality and civil matters.

Brother, you are joking. It’s too difficult now to defeat President Chakwera with tasteless jokes. Classical Zikhalenean strategies are super intact.

Malawians, now ably witness that President Chakwera is a greatly learned leader in all philosophies and sciences of brilliant leadership. Chakwera proves himself as a mighty fortune teller able to separate wheat from the chaff. Chakwera posseses a rabbinical knack.

Namiwa, you have created a lighting spark whose damage is unmanageable. Zikhale is a great and successful strategist. A highly acclaimed elections prophet in Zimbabwe. His political calculus, the Herald, equated to Anatoly Yevgenyevish Karpov, the Russian and former Soviet chess grandmaster and politician.

You hate an extraordinary whose public security synthesis has made the opposition and politically-engineered Non Governmental Organisations like yours, insecure. You hate an extraordinary whose crowd pulling newtons have flashed out DPP’s hope of revival come 2025.

My message to all Namiwas is that let us not be enemies of change and progress for a better nation. Zikhale is one of the most patriotic citizens. He loves his country beyond the limit.

Truly, sound reasoning Malawians deeply feel sorry for Bwana Namiwa.

Mwayamba zoti simukwanitsa… Mumuzula inu Zikhale? Muzigwetsa inu Nyama ZikuluZikulu?. Ndakayika…

*Views Expressed are those of the Author*