Political Scientist Wonderful Mkhutche writes a book on humanism and politics in Malawi

By Chisomo Phiri

As a part of promoting the understanding of political issues and humanism in Malawi, a young political scientist and writer Wonderful Mkhutche has written a Short essays book called humanism and politics in Malawi.

Speaking in a separate interview ,Mkhutche said, the humanism and politics short essays book seeks to provide deep understanding on politics affects humanism and in turn how the humanism affects politics so as for people to grow in religious beliefs and at the same time practicing politics well in the societies.
” Through this book, I want to do two two things. First of all, is to help the readers understand how issues of humanism affect politics and vice versa. Secondly, is to provide alternative ways on how best to grow in spritual life as well as practicing politics in a good manner”, said Mkhutche.

Wonderful Mkhutche

Mkhutche said the book is currently receiving postive feedbacks from the readers saying it is a helpful book that will transform people’s lives politically and spritually.
” It is quite interesting that people are now appreciating this book saying it is a very important book in life. To me this is an achievement and I feel myself to be a great of today and tomorrow. No matter how it gets to me, this is an achievement and the work of spreading knowledge and ideas is now in a good truck”, he said.

The writer said they were so many challenges that were chocking him in his journey of coming up with the book but , he still never gave up and lost his direction direction.
” To come up with this book, I have survived big challenges, some being the time management since writing a book requires enough time.It was hard to manage my other duties and at the same time concentrate on the book,but still, through my self-scrifice I made it. Another challenge was about generating ideas on humanism topics since this is uncommon thing in Malawi and many people oppose them.You have to take time to present ideas that can persuade readers”, he said.

Mkhutche said the government is not doing enough in promoting reading culture and that time has now come where the government needs to promote the reading culture by giving an opportunity to the budding writers have space in book promotions and publications saying this is an expensive task to be done by the writers alone.
” The government is not doing enough in promoting reading culture. We need to do more. Budding writers are not given an opportunity to since publishing and promoting a book is expensive in Malawi. We need a society which is receptive to new kind of books. Lastly, there is a need for the government to promote reading culture in young ones and that is from primary school to secondary school. Let this be a way of life.

” Government must help in promoting reading culture so as to create receptive environment of books. On the other hand, writers must continue writing. They should not be discouraged”, he said.
In his comment on how helpful the book is, one of the book readers Edgar Kapiza Bayani said the’ Humanism and Politics’ book is a very important book if the one is to understand politics and humanism in Malawi.
” This is a great book people should enjoy reading and gain knowledge on politics and humanism. If the one is to understand political issues and human, this is the best book to read. Thank you Mkhutche for coming up with this amazing short essays book”, he commended.
The Humanism and politics in Malawi” short essays book will be launched in November, 2021 at Mzuzu University in Mzuzu.

Apart from ‘ Humanism and Politics in Malawi” book, Mkhutche has written other several books including a biography of the longest and most celebrated artis Luciaus Banda