Tichi Automation to conduct industrial automation training

By Chisomo Phiri

Chimwemwe Phiri, a Managing Director (MD) for Tichi Automation says his company will from December 27 to 29, 2023 conduct industrial automation training at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) in Blantyre.

Speaking in an interview with 247 Malawi News, Phiri, who has previously held similar trainings at the aforementioned institution, other technical colleges and training centres in the country, said the trainings help students for the industrial world.

He indicated that at a time robotics and automation are becoming the in-thing,the training also help the students get jobs as they gain hands-on experience, knowledge and skills.

Chimwemwe Phiri

“This training will be hands-on. It will involve wiring up and programming. The key focus is on programmable logic controllers. But we will have an introduction on the human machine interface [Connecting people and machines in line with current trends]. We will also look up variable speed drives, pneumatics and industrial sensors,” said Phiri.

According to him, programmable logic controllers are the main head of the industrial revolution youngsters have an affinity to, with industrialization as one of the key pillars in the attainment of the Malawi 2063.

Phiri said the time is opportune for interested people to programme and operate an industrial-related computer system that continuously monitor input devices which make decisions based on customised programmes.

He said upon the completion of the training, the students will be able to identify Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) inputs and outputs, Troubleshoot programs and perform visual inspections, create sequences and programmes, perform online uploads and downloads, and develop industrial projects.

He said the attendance fee for the training per participant is K60, 000.

Chimwemwe Phiri did his technical studies in Malawi and worked with Malawian companies before going to South Africa to work with a Denish tech company where he has been working as an automation technician.

While working with the company, he has also been undergoing different courses to do with technical and engineering studies.

In March this year, Phiri created a pick and place robot as a contribution towards Industrial automation.

The robot can be used in automated warehouses and factories for carrying things from one point to another.