Timothy Mtambo: The Reigning Aeneid of Human Rights Activism

By Leonard Kavwenje

What comes directly into your mind whenever you hear the name Timothy Mtambo? To some, an unequaled principal defender of human rights. Some a political maestro. And to others, a Philosophical King.

Today, let me lecture the public on how Mtambo changed the face of human rights activism using behavioural mechanics.The Four Cultures of Comrade Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo

To begin with, power culture. Mtambo understands the relationship between.

In addition to that, role culture.Mtambo is a man of order, calm, rationality and systems. He is a strategist with complete understanding of what and how. I mean where to act and how. He remains the symbol of the power of focus, consistency and persistence for change.

Timothy Mtambo

Thirdly, task culture.Mtambo is a man of craftsmanship, technical executive and programme methodology. Give Mtambo a task. He will charm you with operational magic.

Last but not least, people culture. Mtambo knows better the need of managing powerful individuals in any organisation set up. His leadership style is of spotting appropriate men and women for each position. He strives to have a back yard staff, made of the real crop.

A rewind of 2018, 2019 and 2020 gives a clear insight that Mtambo shall remain a historical mirror of public engagement, human rights prowess and civility workloads.

The other attribute is courage and fearlessness. Whenever he embarks on an agenda, he is fearless. The biggest mistake you can make is to try attacking and threatening him. Truly that will act opposite in respect to Newton’s Third Law of Motion. To every action, there is a reaction. The more you threaten Mtambo, the more he adds power. A clear reference is the DPP regime’s fate as of 2019 and 2020.

Mtambo understands the power of effective communication for hope. Ultimately, that is leadership. w
When a leader who is anointed speaks, people listen and follow and act. Simply put, he possesses the power of charisma. You can only hate such a character if he is not in your team He is so dangerous and contagious especially when he is in line of action.

Surely, in the near future, our school going children need a gift of learning and knowledge. Truly, Mtambo’s personality needs to be infiltrated in our academic pages.

Blessed Tuesday!