Undule hails President Chakwera for the Malawi’s State of Disaster Declaration Due to El Niño Weather Patterns

By Linda Kwanjana

Human rights and social commentator Undule Mwakasungula has commended president Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera’s strategic decision of declaring a state of disaster in 23 out of 28 districts following the disaster which has heavily affected the areas.

He said in response to the escalating challenges posed by El Niño weather patterns, President Lazarus Chakwera’s declaration of disaster is welcome.


Undule said the action reflects a proactive and commendable move by the government.

“This action is an indication of the administration’s commitment to prioritizing the well-being of Malawians and addressing the increasing impacts of natural disasters, ” he said.

He said the declaration carries several important benefits for Malawi and all Malawians citing the point that,  this serves as a key step in mobilizing resources and assistance to mitigate the adverse effects of El Niño. 

He said by formally acknowledging the severity of the situation, the government could leverage both domestic and international support to provide immediate relief and long-term resilience-building measures for affected communities.

Undule said , the declaration facilitates enhanced coordination and collaboration among various stakeholders, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and humanitarian partners.

“These efforts ensure a more effective and efficient response to the crisis, maximizing resource allocation and minimizing duplication of efforts. Importantly, President Chakwera’s emphasised on national unity amidst the disaster highlights the imperative of transcending political divides for the collective good. By rallying together as a one nation, Malawians could utilize their collective strength and resources to confront the challenges at hand, promoting resilience and solidarity across communities, ” he said.

Undule said the current situation also offers valuable lessons for Malawi and its citizens  by reminding  them on the importance of proactive disaster preparedness and risk management strategies.