Zikhale accuses DPP of mismanagement of Public Resources

By Staff Reporter

Malawi Congress Party Director of Strategy Dr Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has minced now words but to accuse the Democratic  Progress Party (DPP) of  mismanagement of the public resources incapacitated the country from development and economic growth during its time in power

Zikhale made the remarks  Ng’oma  at Baka ground in Karonga district where he held a rally.

Zikhale in Karonga

Before getting to the venue Zikhale had a meeting with the chiefs.

Some of the notable people present at the rally included Regional chairman for the Northern region Joseph Chavula, Regional chairman for North North region Kezzie Msukwa, Deputy Regional Chairman for North North region Uchizi Mkandawire,  Deputy director of strategic planning Ken kandodo and Uladi Mussa ( chage golo).