Zikhale’s Piped Water Project starts in Nkhatabay South

By Chalo Mvula

The piped water developmemt project has taken off in Nkhatabay South area. According to Member of Parliament for the area Ken Zikhale Ngo’ma, this project is a dream come true for the people in the area who for a long time have suffered from drinking unsafe and poor quality water.

Hon Ken Zikhale Ngoma in Nkhatabay South

The piped water project which is using the Parliamentary Community Development Funds (CDF) initiative has seen Chifora area benefitting with Kande area being next on the plan.

Speaking to 247Malawi News, Zikhale Ngoma who was elected last year to be MP for the area said “This is wondeful for the people of Nkhatabay South. For once they can see real development in the area. For a long time Community development funds have been mismanaged in this area, however, during my term, i want to make sure that the money is rightfully used to bring development to the area” said Zikhale

Nkhatabay despite providing Malawi with a number of Political heroes such as Orton Chirwa, Aleke Banda and Kanyama Chiume has for along time suffered from lack of infrastructire development. “This will be the first time since Orton Chirwa was in Government for people of Nkhatabay South to use tap piped water” added Zikhale.

Some of the pipe works at Chifira