Mvalo and Msiska:Legends of the game on the verge of making history

The Election case is finally coming to an end- well at least if none of the two sides will take the matter to the supreme court. The constitutional court will deliver its judgement  on Monday. The expectations of Malawians are high and it’s not wrong to suggest there is a lot at stake from both the petitioners and the respondents.

There are a lot  of events that have made news over the course of this case.  One can never forget the technology top class display of Daud Suleman. Others will remember the  endless stream of sweat from chief elections officer Sam Alufandika when he was being cross examined.  Probably the biggest joke of the case was the famous Jerusalem College and its popularity in offering Phds, as one cabinet minister kept on scoring own goals. We can never take anything from  all that contributed to this historical case. However, allow me to pick the two people that i will call legends of the game and that is the veteran MCP legal team of Titus Mvalo and Modercai Msiska.

MCP Legal team, Modercai Msiska and Titus Mvalo with Dr Chakwera

Titus Mvalo and Modercai Msiska throughout the case have proved to be the benchmark  of what lawyers should be like. They have proved true the notion that old wine gets better with age. In recap , you can be reminded that these two lawyers started their  trade many years ago. The experiences that they have in legal matters proved that MCP had made the right choice in picking them as the legal representatives in this case . MCP Director of Strategy Ken Zikhale once described Mvalo as a “ genius in legal matters” . one cannot deny that presence of these old guards had brought real seriousness in the case.

In a country where there are a lot of upcoming vibrant young lawyers, it has proved that it was a blessing to have these two legal minds as they have shown the future generation  what it means to be good and great at your craft. The point I want to make is that for anyone in legal trade Mvalo and Msiska have proved to be great role models. In the years to come, young lawyers will always look back and ask themselves whenever they face a legal challenge that what  would Mvalo or Msiska have done . This is what being a role model is all about. The level of discipline that these lawyers brought and the ability to control the case is something that gave the government lawyers really a hard time.

As the judgement day looms, one thing we are sure is that nothing will take away the greatness that is in our old greats of Mvalo and Msiska. They are on the verge of writing their names in the history of Malawi and Africa