MCP Convention 2024: Leading Candidate Chaima Banda launches manifesto in grand style

By Chimwemwe Mtambalika

The favourite candidate to win the Secretary General position in the ruling Malawi Congress Party, Chris Chaima Banda has launched  his manifesto. At a colourful function that took place at the party headquarters in Lilongwe on Saturday April 13th, Chaima  announced himself to the party delegates  that he was in to deliver “a vision for bold, strong and inclusive MCP”

Chaima’s pitch to the party faithful has already stood out as one that is putting togetherness and inclusivity as core to the agenda of thriving the fortunes of MCP.  Wrapped in party colours scarf around his neck, the energetic speaking Chaima declared “ We have a vision  for the making of Bold , strong  and inclusive Malawi congress party, We seek a MCP  that will deliver  a 70% landslide  victory  in the 2025 presidential race  for His Excellency Dr Lazarus Chakwera “

The Secretary General race, the most coveted in the party has so far seen Minister of Finance Simplex Chithyola , Former Mining Minister Dr Albert Mbawala,  Former Kasungu legislator Alex Major all declaring interest to contest. The incumbent Eisenhower Mkaka is yet to declare if he will defend his position although many believe he will join the race soon. An independent research is showing Chris Chaima is the favourite to win  and popular with the party grassroots  seconded by Chithyola.

When drawn to comment on his competitors Chaima shocked many by speaking no ill about any of his competitors but quickly using the opportunity to preach about Unity “ All  those that are competing against me for the position are my family, we are one , one Malawi Congress Party “ said Chaima

Chaima is the Chief Advisor to President Chakwera  on Strategy, Manifesto implementation  and international partnerships . A Pillar of the MCP party for so many years, he brings in experience of working for the British  Civil Service for 18 years .

His Manifesto has 20 action points that includes; ensuring financial resources meant for the party  are safeguarded from abuse and are distributed  and used  by all the party structures  at National, Regional, District , Constituency  and local area  levels. He will work towards repairs of the party headquarters, regional and district offices. Chaima will focus on fundraising initiatives to create a financial war chest in readiness for the 2025 general elections

He also spoke of the need for the party to buy vehicles for district chairman in order to improve efficiency. Monthly funding allocations to the Regional and District Offices, availability of party materials to the grassroots, Establishment of a Charity Fund for social Welfare , Establishment of the Veterans board to cater for the veterans of the party, access to business loans , job opportunities for the membership and for the youth empowerment.

Chaima with President Chakwera

The MCP Convention is scheduled to take place in August