Nde’Ifeyo pays tribute to videographer ‘Chipie Khonje’ for key role in record label success

By Staff Reporter

Nde’Ifeyo Entertainment Company has paid tribute to renowned videographer Chipie Khonje for his contributions to the success of the record label (now defunct) which is regarded as one of the most successful record labels to have worked in the country.

In a Facebook post Nde’ Ifeyo founders Ken Zizwa Limwame and Khumbo Kabuzi Munthali described Khonje as the most talented videographer who played a big role in the success of the company.

Videographer Chipi Khonje

“It is hard to describe how much we appreciate the contribution you made to our success. Your creative transitions and the way you captured the mood in the videos was top notch. It was an honor having you on our creative journey Chipiliro Khonje,” reads the post.

Khonje who is currently based in the United States of America(USA), was the man behind the successful music videos of Nde’feyo artists like Unamata by Piksy, Sinditha Kumvetsa by Onesimus (then Armstrong) and Udalire by Maskal.

This year, Nde’Ifeyo has organised a number of shows in the country to celebrate the legacy of the record label.

The company has brought together some of its former artists namely Piksy, Onesimus and Maskal who is currently staying in the USA.

Apart from the trio, Nde’Ifeyo also signed Bucci, McLuther, Trumel and Mada Ngoleka.