Chakwera urges Malawians living in Mozambique invest home

By Staff Reporter

Malawians who are currently living in Mozambique have been urged to make use of the bilateral relations between the two countries and meaningfully invest back home.

Speaking during an interface with the Association of Malawians living in Mozambique (ASSOMAMU) on Friday, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera emphasised that Malawi’s ties with Mozambique signify a trusted relationship which provides a conducive environment for business amongst citizens from both countries.

He said if Malawians residing in the neighbouring country take good advantage of the already existing symbiotic relations, then a Malawi that is industrialised with a middle-class economy is possible.

”The environment is now conducive because our bilateral relations are not just on paper. They mean more economic diplomacy that is mutual and beneficial. That is why the two countries are collaborating at a level such as security and trade,” he explained.

Malawi has already signed with Mozambique a 72 kilometer railway deal from Nacala to Bangula in order to reduce transport costs of goods.

ASSOMAMU Chairperson, Chalo Ng’ambi, said the restoration of the cordial relationship between the two countries, more so with the frequent presidential visits, speaks volumes.