New Liberation Party says Vatican is ruling the world

By Vincent Gunde

Leader of New Liberation Party Isaiah Sunganimoyo, says Vatican is ruling the world faulting Catholic Bishops in Malawi that they cannot say “no” to what Rome has directed them to do meaning that same-sex couples will be blessed in all Parishes and churches of the Roman Catholics.

Sunganimoyo said even though the Catholic Bishops have assured Malawians in their Pastoral Letter of 19th December, 2023 that marriage remains the union between a man and a woman naturally open to the generation of children, they will still bless same-sex unions because it is a law of obedience.

Pope Francis

He said the Vatican Council has agreed permitting Catholic Priests to bless same-sex marriages observing that this will be applied to Malawi Catholic Bishops, Priests, Brothers and Sisters to be tested on their faith on the law of obedience to the Pope.

Speaking through a video clip circulating in various social media platforms, Sunganimoyo has faulted Malawians wrong for taking him as a mad person and a man who knows nothing claiming that on 22ndSeptember, 2012 he made a prophecy that Pope Benedict will step down on his own accord.

Sunganimoyo said his prophecy was let to come true that on 12th March, 2016 Pope Benedict announced to the world that he has stepped down claiming that his prophecy was made at Chilinde Parish in Lilongwe.

He has claimed that he is a devoted Catholic member and he knows the Catholic teachings dismissing claims which have been made by other people that he should stop commenting on issues affecting Roman Catholic Church not knowing that he is a Catholic.

The self-spoken man of God said from 2000 he enjoys support from the Vatican while other people in Malawi take his prophecy as useless as coming from a mad person advising Malawians that him knows what is inside the Catholic Church.

“What I speak bears nothing but the truth, today you have seen that the Roman Catholic Church can change everything, the Pope’s Pastoral Letter is in all the countries around the globe,” said Sunganimoyo.

He has reminded Malawians that on 13th July, 2023 Civil Society Organizations, Catholic Bishops, Sheikhs and church organizations joined by their followers held peaceful protests in Lilongwe against legalization of same-sex marriage in Malawi.

Sunganimoyo said on that day he described the demonstrations as time wasting claiming that what the Roman Catholic has made nobody can turn it down observing that his video clip was criticized by many referring him as man-made Saturn.