Richard Chimwendo Banda’s Apology To The Nation In Parliament Is Hypocritical

By Burnett Munthali

Leader of the House, Richard Chimwendo Banda on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024 apologized to the nation for what happened in the August House during its deliberations which saw DPP legislators nearly fighting.

Speaking as Leader of the House, Chimwendo described the behavior of Blantyre City South East legislator Sameer Suleman which led to his suspension for one full sitting, as unfortunate and shameful to the Honorable House.

Reasons for apology

Firstly, Just about everyone has said or done something that hurts another person’s feelings. Sometimes you might hurt someone without meaning to. Or you say or do something unkind and regret it later. When you realize you’ve broken someone’s trust in you or hurt them with your words or actions, it’s a good idea to apologize.

Secondly, There is weight to our actions. If we have the power to hurt, we also have the power to take a step toward healing. And, when we apologize first, we open the door for the other person to meet us in that place of open communication.

Thirdly, It is always better to do important things by meeting them in person. Apologising in person would appear more genuine and you would be able to convey your guilt more propely. Tone of your voice ,your expressions matter while making an apology.

Unfortunately, Richard Chimwendo Banda has hurt the feelings of many Malawians in a number of ways starting from his own MCP upto the opposition but he has never given any apology for all the misconduct.

Leader of the House Chimwendo

Looking back

In February 2024, Liwemba accused Chimwendo of being behind the violence and physical assault that happened today at Mbowe in Lilongwe when DPP was preparing for Blue Motor Parade.

Instead of apologizing, his lawyers trading under the banner of Wilkson Attorneys, Chimwendo demanded that within 24 hours, Liwemba retracst his remarks.

MCP member who declared his intention to contest as Director of Youth at the party’s forthcoming Convention this year was physically manhandled on Kasungu leaving him seeking medical treatment.

This was brought to light by an audio which circulated in various social media platforms that one MCP diehard, Dickson Chatanga was beaten leaving him half dead at Santhe ground in Kasungu at an MCP rally which was addressed by Minister of Finance Simplex Chithyola Banda on 1st January, 2024.

The audio as narrated by Chatanga highlighted diabolical activities masterminded by MCPs Director of Youth (DoY) Richard Chimwendo Banda to clobber to death Chatanga who is poised to contest against him on the position of DoY. Chimwendo didn’t apologize at all.

In October 2016, Two main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)’s legislators for Dowa East and Kasungu East constituencies, Chimwendo Richard Banda and Nkhumbize Kandodo Chiponda respectively have been accused of  threatening the party’s district chairpersons’ calls for emergency convention.

The duo were named in the ongoing trial in which some of the party’s district chairpersons are calling for an emergency convention following President, Dr. Lazurus  Chakwera alleged ‘raping’ of the MCP constitution and other accusations leveled against him that the party is losing direction in its affairs.

My observations

There are many times that people have differed in Parliament but the Leader Of The House, Richard Chimwendo Banda, never apologized and the people of Malawi do not need his apology in Parliament.

On Wednesday 3rd March, 2024, Parliament adjourned for 20 minutes following a physical battle that ensued between Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Zomba Chisi Mark Botomani and Blantyre City South East MP Sameer Suleman.

The noise from the opposition bench in the Parliament, according to Nation Online, escalated into a physical battle despite the second Deputy Speaker Aisha Adam’s efforts to diffuse it.

According to media reports, the misunderstanding between the two ensued following social media reports that member for Chitipa South Welani Chilenga is planning to move a motion on age limit.

The Constitution of Malawi

Office of the President: according to Section 80(6) of the constitution, a person shall only be qualified for nomination for election as President or First Vice-President or for appointment as First Vice-President or Second Vice-President if that person-

a. is a citizen of Malawi by birth or descent; and

b. has attained the age of thirty-five years.


Secondly, Parliament deliberations were chaotic on Monday after Speaker of the House, Catherine Gotani Hara, summoned Mulanje Central legislator, Kondwani Nankhumwa, to respond to the State of the Nation Address by President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera last Friday.

The Speaker had earlier communicated that the injunction that Nankhumwa obtained from the courts was still in effect and therefore he remains the Leader of Opposition for the time being.

Thyolo Thava Legislator, Mary Navicha, who the Democratic Progressive Party nominated for the Leader of Opposition role, insisted that Nankhumwa is not a member of the party and therefore it would not be appropriate for him to respond to the SONA.


The manner in which Leader of the house, Richard Chimwendo Banda, is conducting himself, is totally hypocritical. He claims to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case. He should start apologizing to the people he has beaten in his own party first, otherwise, he should just remain silent.